Living at Foxcroft

这所位于弗吉尼亚州的平价大学预科高中确实是一个充满理解之心的社区, where each girl is known and valued. 我们的核心价值观是尊重、正直、善良和服务,这是我们所做一切的核心. Girls thrive intellectually, socially, 情感上,因为我们的培育社区和强大的价值观促进了这些领域的发展.

— Emilie S. ’24


— Camie D. ’24

“If you come to Foxcroft, 你会受到一个包容的社区的欢迎,你会找到你的朋友. 对我来说,我的同学就像我的家人,我知道他们会支持我.”

Residential Life

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  • Five Dorms with Dedicated Faculty

    Foxcroft has five dormitories that each house between 20-45 girls. 宿舍团队由四名专职教师和几名学生领导组成,负责管理宿舍生活和日常事务. 
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Sleeping Porches

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  • Nurturing Healthy Minds & Bodies

    睡廊是我们太阳城电子app的一个独特组成部分,有助于我们培养健康的思想和身体. Our sleeping porches:
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Faculty Advisors

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  • A Source of Support Away from Home

    福克斯克罗夫特的每个女孩都与她的指导老师建立了一种特殊的、独特的关系. Through weekly meetings, shared meals in the Dining Hall or in the advisor’s home, and other activities, girls find their advisors to be a source of support away from home.
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  • Photo of Jodi Campbell

    Jodi Campbell 

    Dean of Students
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  • Photo of Alexis Hall

    Alexis Hall 

    Assistant Dean for Student Experience
  • Photo of Corinne Kahler

    Corinne Kahler 

    Associate Dean of Residential Life/Lead Dorm Parent
  • Photo of Margaret Everett

    Margaret "Maggie" Everett 

    Assistant to the Office of Student Life/Lead Dorm Parent
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